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We are proud to serve you in providing all kinds of chemical raw materials. With years of experience, we offer you the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

Chemical Coating

All the chemical coatings you may need, such as copper, zinc, nickel, tin, chrome, silver and gold, are at your service with a wide range of products.

Automotive Industry

We are at your service with our experienced team and meticulous working principle in all your paint coating and protection processes of your car.

Petrochemical Raw Material

Artatech Kimya offers you in all kinds of petrochemical raw materials with the supply of raw materials related to adhesives, industrial cleaning machines, cosmetics, medical devices, agriculture industry, food machinery, textile industry , construction materials and machinery, precious metal products.


With the assurance of Artatech Kimya, you can reach the raw and processed parts of precious metal products. We are working hard to offer the most appropriate and advantageous service for you as soon as possible.

Sulfuric Acid

With Artatech Chemistry assurance, you can meet your sulfuric acid needs. We provide the most reliable products for you as soon as possible.

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