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Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain the reputation of ARTATECH KİMYA, as a trustworthy and respected company, in domestic and foreign markets by using ARTATECH KİMYA brand and experience with uncompromising quality, customer oriented work, customer satisfaction and reliability.

Our Vision

Our vision; customer-oriented, innovative and value-adding products to increase our market share. In the light of this vision, ARTATECH continues its path with its diligent, dynamic and progressive structure.

Our Working Principles

Artatech Chemistry, on the way to the future, is aware of the importance of taking power and lessons from the past, attaching importance to having national and moral values, depending on national values; but it is opposed to bigotry an Our mission

Our valued customers;

Our company Artatech Kimya was established in 2018,

  • Oil,
  • Natural gas,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Oil refineries,
  • Oil and resin industry,
  • Metal covering,
works in the supply of chemical raw materials products.


  • Adhesives
  • Industrial cleaning machines
  • Cosmetic,
  • Medical equipments,
  • Agriculture and agriculture machinery,
  • Food and food machinery,
  • Textile and textile machinery,
  • Construction materials and machinery,
  • Construction materials and machinery,
  • Precious metal products

We supply the products of the sectors to our valued customers in a fast, economical and safe manner. At the beginning of our success, we are working with producers and customers in the long term to make safe and customer satisfaction. We continue our works in order to reach more customers by benefiting from the services offered by the technology we live in.

As Artatech Kimya, we are proud to be with you.

Mehrdad Bagheri

Your solution partner in trade