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Artatech Chemistry ;

  • İs diligent, dynamic and progressive.
  • Values dynamism, innovation and creativity in all business processes. It rejects the bureaucratic surrender, which invests in research and development and resists change.
  • On the way to the future, with the awareness of the importance of taking power and lessons from the past, it attaches importance to having national and spiritual values, depending on national values; but it is opposed to bigotry and conservatism.
  • Believes that the key to success is to work efficiently, disciplined and planned.
  • Human resources are the most important capital.
  • We are aware of the fact that our employees are the biggest assurance of our goals and service quality. Therefore, it is our primary goal to employ the best manpower.
  • Believes in the power of creating a peaceful work environment, team spirit, common synergy and communication. It provides vocational training and development to add value to our employees, and rewards success.
  • Participating, fair and democratic governance; has an organization that understands the necessity of institutionalization, is open to learning and criticism.
  • They have customers at the center of their field of activity. It shapes all of its products and services on the basis of facilitating the lives of its customers and creating a long-term relationship.
  • While creating value for its customers with quality products and services, it also builds relationships on reliability and solution partnership. It anticipates changing requirements and tries to produce solutions with a proactive approach.
  • Works for the community to imagine and bring to life dreams.
  • To add value to Turkey's economy is among the company's priorities. Artatech Kimya imagines it for society and realizes for the future. By working with a sense of responsibility towards society, it is working to add material and spiritual value to all its social stakeholders.
  • Values people, supports sharing; rejects selfishness and greed.
  • In order to contribute to the need for an educated young generation, it prioritizes and supports studies to raise the level of education and culture of society.

Our Mission

Misyonumuz; ödünsüz kalite, müşteri odaklı çalışma, müşteri memnuniyeti ve güvenilirliği ile ARTATECH KİMYA markasını ve deneyimini kullanarak yurt içinde ve yurt dışında tercih edilen ve güvenilen firma olarak iç ve dış piyasa ekonomisinde saygınlığını sürdürmektir.

Our Vision

Our vision; customer-oriented, innovative and value-adding products to increase our market share. In the light of this vision, ARTATECH continues its path with its diligent, dynamic and progressive structure.

Our Working Principles

Artatech Chemistry, on the way to the future, is aware of the importance of taking power and lessons from the past, attaching importance to having national and moral values, depending on national values; but it is opposed to bigotry an Our mission

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